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Q:  How do online counseling services work at Dojo Health?

A:  Instant messaging and telecounseling, or video calling, are innovative and effective ways to deliver therapeutic services.  At Dojo Health these services are HIPAA compliant so the privacy of the client is maintained.

Both the instant messaging and telecounseling services can be done on your desktop or laptop computer, or on your mobile device using an app.  Request a free consultation to learn more, or CLICK HERE. 


Q:  Does Dojo Health accept insurance?

A:  At this time, insurance isn’t accepted.  However, if you call the number on the back of your insurance card and tell them you’re seeing a licensed counselor who is out of network, they can tell you if you have out of network benefit coverage.  If there is benefit coverage, you can also find out the process for submitting claims and getting reimbursed.


Q:  What are the Dojo areas of expertise?

A:  Steve Fantini, the owner and counselor at Dojo Health and Wellness, LLC., specializes in anxiety, stress management, couples counseling, depression, cognitive behavioral therapy, health coaching, adolescent issues, trauma and past issues, and Christian counseling.


Q:  Why do you use the word “Dojo”?

A:  A Dojo is a place of training and transformation, a life long commitment to learning the Way of new life.  From the Japanese, “Do” literally means the way or the path, so dojo has been translated ‘the way/path of enlightenment’.  To me, a Dojo is a special path we take in life to find a place of self-discovery, a place to train to face our fears and life challenges.  Training on this path also means finding meaning and greater purpose for our lives.


Q:  What role does faith and spirituality play?

A:  A big role!  This topic will be discussed in the blog, but faith and finding meaning can have a big impact on our health.  The Dojo takes a holistic approach to health, focusing on body, mind, and spirit.


Q:  Does Dojo Health and Wellness have a treatment philosophy?

A:  This topic will be discussed in more detail in the blog.  There is an emphasis on cognitive behavioral therapy, and spiritual, and brain based approaches to treatment.  I like to sum up our treatment philosophy using the nifty phrase ‘motivation to T.R.A.I.N.’

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