Build Your Personality Profile!

Your self-development plan can get a turbo boost by taking advantage of the Dojo personality profile building tools.  Take advantage of the 4 assessment tools used here in Dojo.  At your request, the self-scorable assessments will be mailed to you. 
  The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  Learn your personality preferences, gain insight into yourself, how you interact with others, communicate, work, handle conflict.

  Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI).  Learn your conflict management style and how different styles of conflict affect group dynamics.

  Strong Interest Inventory.  This assessment is one of the most respected and frequently used career planning tools. Ideal for those seeking change and searching for meaningful work and rich, fulfilling careers.

  Executive Skills Self-Assessment (Guare & Dawson).  Not exactly a personality assessment, this self-assessment captures enduring cognitive traits that help you get things done. These skills help us execute tasks and provide key insights in relationship dynamics.  This assessment provides a neurological basis for personality preferences and is vital for how we can expand ourselves to learn new life skills.


  If you’d like to know more about how these strategies can improve your team or group, then let’s talk!  Use the free consultation and we’ll discuss your group’s needs.


I customize all coaching plans according to your individual needs, but there is a 4 step process here in the Dojo that serves as a general outline for creating goals based on your personality profile.

Determine your strengths and areas for development.  Use your personality profile as a big picture starting point for determining strengths and blind spots. Learn how aspects of your personality type influence your life, career, and relationships.

Evaluate your specific needs.  Evaluate your needs in more specific areas like leadership style, communication, conflict, collaboration, stress and change, and productivity.

Assess values, skills, interests.  Each of us has unique skills and interest.  Get more focused on your skills and interests, and add to your knowledge by taking a career inventory assessment.

Develop your action plan.  Identify your objectives, action steps, timelines.  Through the coaching partnership we can work on making the changes you want to make and evaluate your progress.



Use your free assessment to tell me about your needs and request the self-scorable assessments that suit your needs.  I'm Ready!