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  A Perfect Formula for Transformation!

Dojo Health and Wellness has a nifty phrase that is a reminder of our guiding principles – Motivation to T.R.A.I.N.  This is our training recipe for change, so it’s pretty important!


  Motivation.  Examine the motivational forces in your life that fuel change and the forces that keep the problem in place.


  T = thinking.  Mental training includes building a complete mental map of thoughts and emotions in specific situations and following that trail to your deeper core beliefs.  Learn how your perceptions guide your actions and affect how you feel.


  R = relationships.  Learn new ways to develop a compassionate harmony with others and within yourself.


  A = autobiographical narrative.  Learn how a coherent narrative, developing a focused reflection on the past, present, and the anticipated future, is a powerful blueprint for health and change.  Becoming aware of how your past influences your present problems is the first step in rewriting your life’s story.


  I = integration.  Learn how linking differentiated parts within yourself and between others leads to greater health and a greater purpose for your life.


  N = new learning/neuroplasticity.  We can stimulate our brains in practical and healthy ways for learning and forming new neural connections at any age.


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