Couples Counseling, Trainings, Workshops

Dojo Health offers life changing help for couples in a variety of settings from private counseling sessions to small group boot camps, training seminars, and large group workshops.

A couple seeking help should start by requesting the 480 question online relationship assessment.  The results will be sent directly to your licensed counselor for analysis.  The assessment is fully HIPAA compliant and taken completely online on any device, computer, phone, or tablet.




Small Group Trainings, a.k.a Couples Boot Camp!

Dojo Health will lead small informal group discussions at any location.  Shucks, we’ll even come into your home!  Ideal for 5-10 couples, these small informal gatherings are called “boot camps” because they provide the coaching needed to get your relationships back into shape.  


Workshop Topics

Ideal for larger groups, Dojo Health offers budget friendly workshops to inspire change and overcome relationship obstacles.  Topics include:

  Friendship, Connection, and Intimacy

  The Conflict Management Blueprint

  Dreams and Building Shared Meaning in Relationships

  Working With Unique Challenges: Anxiety, Depression, and Mental Health.

Looking Back:  How Your Past Influences Your Present Adult Relationships.




workshops:  $150/hour + travel

Price of assessment:  $30.00

Private couples counseling sessions:  $85.00 per session

Couples Boot Camps:  donation based

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