Executive Skills Coaching

Think executive skills coaching has to do with moving up the corporate ladder? Think again! Executive functions, a term from neuroscience, activate, cue, and direct the mental skills needed to get things done in life. Our executive functions are like a higher awareness that we activate when we know we have a project to finish, a day to plan, tasks to prioritize, or a closet to clean.  Poor emotional control, procrastination, problems with attention, and not following through on a project or complex tasks all relate to effective use of executive functions. 

Executive functions not only activate skills needed for day to day tasks, they create a plan of action for the future.  We can direct the posing of questions related to our life’s ultimate meaning and purpose and formulate our guiding principles as we strive to fulfill this meaning.  Learning to assess our executive skills strengths and weaknesses is a key step in achieving goals and making healthy change.  If we’re going to initiate, create and sustain lifestyle change, we need to strengthen these skills.

  The 11 Key Executive skills:

  response inhibition  (think before you act, control impulses)
  emotional control
  task initiation
  goal-directed persistence
  metacognition (self-monitoring and self-evaluation)
 working memory
  sustained attention
 time management
  flexibility (adaptability to changing conditions, revise plans)


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