The Problem With Chronic Stress

You probably figured out by now that people today are stressed. A 2008 study showed that at least a third of Americans rated their stress as extreme. Humans are actually unique in that we can stress ourselves out over both real or imagined events. We can worry about the lingering threat of terrorism, or worry that every time we cross the road a truck will come out of nowhere and hit us, or worry that our boss at work hates us even though there’s no evidence that the boss does indeed feel this way. Our bodies are designed to handle immediate, short term stressors, but ongoing chronic stress, such as financial hardship and ongoing hostility at work or conflict at home, can be dangerous, even leading to heart attack or stroke. Emotional stress, as found in an unstable home life, impacts children’s ability to learn and employee productivity at work. So yes, ongoing stress is a problem.


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The 7 Principles + 1, and the Big 5

Below are some highlights to our approach to stress and anxiety.  Contact me and we’ll start working on bringing calm and balance back to your life!

  7 Principles of Relaxation

  Breath Rhythmically

  Focused Attention

  A Quiet Environment

  An accepting and non-judgmental attitude

  A relaxed posture



and +1….

  Move your body to relax.

  The Big 5 Stress Management Exercises

  Mindfulness Practice

  Restructuring automatic thoughts and beliefs

  Guided Imagery Techniques

  Progressive Muscle Relaxation

  Exposure Techniques